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December 2016:

378 premium link generators and 213 file hosters!

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November 29, 2016, 01:30pm (EST)
Tube Ninja has an optional premium service (paid).
Veoh - Soundcloud - Minhateca - Youtube - Ex-Load - Vimeo - Streaming - CBS
A video download service that most likely supports your favorite site.
HiperDown has an optional premium service (paid).
A torrent link converter (seedbox) easy to use and well-designed.
Birdload is a free premium link generator!Tested by Kikisso!
SendSpace - Turbobit - RapidGator - Uploaded - 1fichier - Minhateca
A nice premium link generator that should be very helpful if you need to download files that are not exceedingly big.
Superdown is a paid premium link generator (without free service).Tested by Kikisso!
XVID - NFL - OBM - UD - MG - K2S - F4G - FK - EXL - DTF - UTB - BS - ZPS - SS - AXF - MF - STR - RG - YT - FF - VF - 2S - UP - CK - GS - BIGFL - 1F - JBF - VM - DPF [...]
A brazilian paid premium link generator for anyone who wants to download many files at high speed. It has additional features as a streaming service, a link decrypter and a browser plugin (Firefox and Chrome). is a paid premium link generator (without free service).
SS - MG - NFL - K2S - F4G - UD - ZPS - VF - DTF - JBF - BIGFL - FF - UTB - MF - AXF - OBM - XVID - 2S - GS - 1F - VM - 4S - BS - STR - TB - UP - RG - CK - FK - DPF [...]
Premium link generator that support many file hosters and has nice tools as a link cleaner. Independent of
Debrido is a free premium link generator!
Uploaded - UpToBox - 1fichier
A simple and straightforward premium link generator for Uploaded, Uptobox and 1fichier.
Max-Leech is a free premium link generator!
FilesFlash - Turbobit - UpToBox - Youtube - Fshare - Uploaded - BigFile - RapidGator - Mega - DepositFiles - Fileboom - Datafile - Minhateca - WuShare - FileFactory - Ex-Load - Streaming
A handy chatbox-based premium link generator that can help you if you need to download a few files.
MegaTorrent Br is a free premium link generator!
Brazilian site for torrent download.
Premium-Link.Ninja is a free premium link generator!Tested by Kikisso!
Uploaded - Share-Online - UpToBox
This new premium link generator is simple to use and doesn't use link shorteners, making the link generation quite straighforward.
Leech360 has an optional premium service (paid).
2S - 24U - OBM - BS - FSF - TB - YT - RG - UPT - FF - SO - EXS - MG - VM - 4S - BIGFL - WUS - NDW - WHC - RFS - DM - STR - UD - GS - MF - TSF - FIO - 1F - SOC - NFL [...]
A new cbox premium link generator. Supports torrent.

What are Free Premium Link Generators?

Free Premium Link Generators are sites designed in order to provide free downloading of files stored in file sharing services, as Uploading, UpToBox or MixtureCloud; they are also called premium link makers. How do they work? Some are direct file fetchers: they download in the server memory the file and at the same time you download it from the server, and if the connection is cut, you have to restart from the beginning. Others download them locally and then let you start the download later; with these ones, you can sometimes use download accelerators. Be careful that premium links have a limited lifetime: if you take too long to start the download, you lose it (in some cases you cannot download from a different IP address). Kikisso ranks premium link makers from 0.5 to 5.0 based on testing, usability, speed, user feedback and other criteria. 3 stars are for average sites. The overall rating is the average between the average of user's ratings and Kikisso's rating, if available. If you find wrong information please contact us (See details about how premium link generators are ranked). I hope you find the perfect premium link generator for you!