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A multi premium link generator that works well but limits link generation.

This site is a Premium Link Generator: they create premium links for you.

Number of links the PLG can generate per 15 minute(s): 1 link(s)

Max file size for a single download: 10 GB

This site doesn't support secure file downloads.

Genbird is a free premium link generator!

Genbird doesn't require you to register: you can generate links immediately!

Genbird has many ads. If you use an ad-blocker, you may be unable to use the site.

This premium link generator supports the following languages:
English English

Some pages cannot be accessed (error 403).

This PLG can generate links for these file hosters:

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grrrr January 20, 2017, 03:35pm
No 1fichier support, only a few now. Lots of common links are protected, even the faq can not be seen wo login.
kikisso (Moderator) March 5, 2017, 03:52pm
We updated the page, thanks.