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Uloz [ULZ]

Uloz / Uloz.to [ULZ] is a file hoster: it hosts your files videos for free. You can then download them freely, unless they are too big. However, Uloz / Uloz.to impose some restrictions, as no parallel download.

Unless you already have access to a premium account (paid or free), the best way to bypass these restrictions is to use premium link generators. They create premium links, usually far faster and bigger than common ones (you can easily get files over 10GB). Some sites are specialized in streaming have embedded players. Kikisso provides a list of free and paid PLGs, showing characteristics as ssl support, max file size, download limits, language support, rank, link generation capacity. There is extensive information about each premium link generator, so you might take some time to read their specificities. File hoster's site: Uloz / Uloz.to

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RealDebrid is a paid premium link generator (without free service).
GP - NVM - TSF - MF - YPORN - FSF - DM - UY - 1F - VW - CP - DT - SBD - YUN - ZPS - TB - CBS - ULZ - UPC - OBM - FFY - MG - DPF - STR - RG - LT - 4S - UD - BIGFL - FR [...]
Here is one of the most multi-hoster premium link generator. You will very likely find what you want here (it is paid).
Zevera is a paid premium link generator (without free service).
LAF - DTF - RF - MG - NDW - SOC - EXS - NVM - DT - MC - SHA - 24U - NFL - EBZ - VM - BIGFL - GS - FFY - WHC - UPA - ZPS - UY - SS - TB - RG - DPF - UTB - SBD - 1F - YT [...]
A premium link generator for many one-click file hosters. It has tools to help you to download.