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WUpload [WU]

WUpload [WU] is a file hoster: it hosts your files videos for free. You can then download them freely, unless they are too big. However, WUpload impose some restrictions, as waiting times.

Unless you already have access to a premium account (paid or free), the best way to bypass these restrictions is to use premium link generators. They create premium links, usually far faster and bigger than common ones (you can easily get files over 10GB). Some sites are specialized in streaming have embedded players. Kikisso provides a list of free and paid PLGs, showing characteristics as link generation capacity, max file size, rank, ssl support, language support, download limits. There is extensive information about each premium link generator, so you might take some time to read their specificities.

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Debrid-Links has an optional premium service (paid).Tested by Kikisso!
Streaming - VideoBB - DepositFiles - Dailymotion - Youtube - Free - 4Shared - Uploading
A multi Megaupload / Mixturevideo / Uploading / Hotfile / Free / Netload / Megavideo / FileServe / etc. premium link generator, quite powerful but with a quite binding link generation limit.
LinkPremiumGenerator has an optional premium service (paid).
Uploading - FileFactory - ShareCash - Uploaded - DepositFiles - VideoBB - Streaming
A free premium link maker for several different hosters, that works well.
PremiumCreator has an optional premium service (paid).
PremiumCreator is a totally (cheap ?) paid premium link generator; it claims not to use Rapidleech. It can download from RapidShare, MegaUpload, MegaVideo, HotFile, Wupload, FileServe and FileSonic. You can do remote upload.
Euroleech is a free premium link generator!
A very straightforward website designed to download files from file hosters.
Allostream is a paid premium link generator (without free service).
Streaming - DepositFiles - 4Shared - Free - Uploading - FileFactory - FileJungle - Mediafire - VideoBB
A paid premium link generator without a free service to test. MU, WU, RS...
DownloadNow is a free premium link generator!
Youtube - 4Shared - Streaming - Mediafire - Crocko - DepositFiles - FileFactory - Uploaded - Uploading
A paid and powerful premium link generator. Includes 19 hosters, among Megaupload, Rapidshare, Hotfile, WUpload, etc., and high-speed download.
Superdebrid is a paid premium link generator (without free service).
GU - ZPS - STR - FE - 2S - VF - FR - USP - SC - UY - XB - BS - UTB - TB - DT - FN - VBB - DF - 4S - GS - YT - VXD - LT - VBX - SS - ZS - UP - FF - UD - FK [...]
A multi premium link generator that work with more than 70 file hosters.
Slysk is a free premium link generator!
A premium link generator that has some problems with offline servers.
Rapidpich is a free premium link generator!
Streaming - 4Shared - Uploaded - FileFactory - DepositFiles - Youtube
This premium link generator wasn't tested and will probably need translation !
Generatory is a free premium link generator!Tested by Kikisso!
A premium link generator for FileServe, FileSonic and WUpload. It seems to work fine.
Shimory is a free premium link generator!
A premium link generator that could not be tested because the connection was refused.
Leechstars is a free premium link generator!
Leechstars is a premium link maker with a download queue.
Tigerleech has an optional premium service (paid).
A premium leecher that works with download managers and have nice download limits.
Streamshark is a paid premium link generator (without free service).
Bitshare - GigaSize - 4Shared - FileFactory - Uploading - VideoBB - Streaming - FreakShare - zShare - Free
A multi-host plg that works also with torrents, fileserve, hotfile, rapidshare, free, mixture video and many more file hosters.
Dowwi has an optional premium service (paid).
Uploaded - FileFactory - Uploading - DepositFiles - Mediafire
An internet download service that allows anyone to download from file hosters.