tries to rank as many premium link generators as possible. Most premium link generators are in English, French or Portuguese.
All sites are manually added: you must contact kikisso to have you site added. They are reviewed before being showed to the public, and public ratings are included in the final rating (50% Kikisso, 50% average of user ratings).
If you find wrong / incomplete information or want us to review again your site, please also contact us. Finally, don't hesitate to give premium accounts for testing purposes: the review of your site will be updated accordingly.

If you want to advertise your premium link generator (or any other site in general), please contact us: Contact We have several options that may interest you. If you have advertised your site on, you should consider the sponsored listing (good feedback from advertisers and lower cost compared to other options).

Sponsored listing

  1. Have your premium link generator included in the "sponsors" category, which have priority ranking (in only one language).

  2. Fixed cost per month: $10/month (subject to change).

  3. Write your own description.

  4. Direct linking from site page (no frames or redirections).

CPC (cost-per-click)

  1. Have your premium link generator at the top on a CPC basis.

  2. Write your own description.

  3. Direct linking from the listings.

  4. Statistics available.

CPM (cost per thousand impressions)

  1. Advertise throughout the site or only for specific file hosters on a CPM basis.

  2. Not restricted to premium link generators.

  3. Statistics available.


If you want to be a partner of (link exchange, affiliation, etc.), please contact us. Your site's ranking may be improved.

Custom Advertising

If you have any custom requests (as giveaways), do not hesitate to contact us.

We will do our best to fulfill your advertising goals. Please contact us for rates and more information. The items on this page are only illustrative and are not contract binding. This page may be updated at any moment, without warning.