Total Windows Security Tutorial - Beginner

Is your PC secure ? Are your data and your privacy protected ?

Nowadays, security is a main concern for everyone that works with computers: some threats are well-known, as virus, trojan horses, spams, worms, and maybe rootkits (malwares). However, many more threats exists - for instance, people attacking your home wifi network - and sometimes you don't even notice it.

There will be three major tutorials about security (Beginner, Advanced, and Extreme). I will try to cover exhaustively everything that can be done to secure your computer and your privacy (and that's really a lot of stuff !)
Everything that is explained in this tutorial is only for educational purposes. I won't take any responsibility for what you decide to do with your computer. Some aspects are quite tricky, as when dealing with social networks (most Facebook) and can interfere with your common use of it.

As I said, some threats are hidden; especially those harming your privacy. For instance, do you really know how 99,999% of the sites you access log everything you do (pages you access, links you follow, file you download, etc.) ? Have you heard about Google Analytics ? Do you know what the use of social networks as Twitter or Facebook implies to you ? Did you know they can use your image freely for advertisement ?

And the list continues: do you know how to protect from malwares ? What your computer do in the background, as auto updates that expose your privacy ? And from much more complex attacks, as MIM ?

I will explain all of this from the start, so, even if you don't know anything yet, you will understand !

  1. The basic: choose a secure password - random password generator

    Choose a secure password

    The very basic thing to do: choose a good password. You use password all the time; so choose a secure one. This page has a simple / complex random password generator.
  2. Clean history, cookies, form , traces - Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome

    Clean your browser traces: Cookies and history

    You leave frequently traces behind you: history, cookies, form filled data and so on. Learn how to delete them and keep your internet privacy. For Internet Explorer